2 min readOct 2, 2020


We are happy to announce that from Tezos Blockchain we are now migrating to ETH blockchain adapting DeFi technology.

First of all, we would like to thanks our investors and community who are undyingly supports us throughout this project, without you people we would have the courage to continue moving on from our setbacks. Expect that with our new platform, we will innovate this project for the benefit of everyone, we are still expecting for your understanding and support.

A lot of new features will be catered to all, such as Staking Program and many more. Expect our continuous improvement towards this project.

We choose DeFi since we are already aligning with that since our partner company Octopus Robots already gave us 1% of the total royalties of the company. We just need to execute this thing through DeFi platform. We are leaving tezos blockchain due to their inactiveness in terms of support and so many other things. And we all know that ERC20 is much more known in this market.

To reach the right people and potential investors. We will regularly broadcast news about the coronavirus. People need to understand who we are and why we are here. We are not just after the money or the funds that we are about to earn during this campaign period, but we are here to help many companies, schools, public transportation, individuals, and even other countries who will purchase our Robots. In every cvr you are also helping us to manufactured and produce more robots that are highly in demand in the market. Every investor will not only make a profit in the future, they are also helping other people to get this robot for their additional prevention against killing germs and viruses that do not only exist in this year but always around in us. Together we will create more robots, you will get cvr and royalties.

We are different!

Without further ado, this is the thing that we would like to say to the public,

Team Covir will never get tired to improve our project, we may get idle sometimes but expect a huge bounce back from us. A revamp is all we need, we’re just hoping that at the end of the day, we will be at the same wavelength. The epidemic continues to affect people’s lives. Octopus Robots is one of the important solutions around the world to propose the best solution to eliminate the viruses/bacteria

This is us, covir, never runs out, always improving.






Covir is the exclusive partner of for the funding of international licences robotic disinfection systems based on tezos blockchain