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The Royalties operating system between Octopus Robots & Covir

For several years now, Octopus Robots had filed two patents on a system for disinfecting bacteria and viruses in air (DSVA Technology), this disinfection system is effective, approved and very energy-efficient.

As a result, Octopus Robots solds more and more dispensers and robots all over the world (with a strong increase in recent times due to the major events of COVID-19). Octopus Robots invoices 10% of its turnover in ROYALTIES to its customers.

For over 5 years, Octopus Robots has developed a very specific and technological market, thanks to its founder Olivier Somville together with his team, Octopus Robots has taken the lead among all the competitors and uses its technology to serve the world.

It become well-known and been listed in stock exchange, these reason made the company of first choice for international demand. This demand is in VERY strong increase, Octopus Robots needs to finance mass industrialization and the development of new products to keep its lead.

A recent market study evaluates the potential sales of licenses at more than 160M$, Octopus Robots has entered into an agreement with “COVIR.IO” to pre-sell its licensing rights for 50% of their value, i.e. $80M.

Covir continues its development by tokenizing (Cut in Token) this 80M$ in 400 000 000 CVR at 0.20$/Unit.

As a result, the buyers (investors) of CVR acquire pieces of license rights and finance the production of Biosafety systems in Octopus Robots.

Which will subsequently be sold and invoiced in sales (10% Royalties).

Thus, half of the royalties go back by contract to COVIR, which pays them to the CVR owners.

As we visualize this campaign, MORE Octopus Robots sells, THE MORE Royalties will be paid and therefore it will bring a higher return to the value of CVR and therefore it will increase (Double Source of Income)

When the CVR is listed on a future exchange, a real speculative dynamic will be triggered on the tokens.

  • CVR can make money
  • CVR are growing in value and can be sold
  • All securities and transactions are secured on the Tezos blockchain.
  • An Utility Token
  • And much more…


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Covir is the exclusive partner of for the funding of international licences robotic disinfection systems based on tezos blockchain