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Robotic disinfection systems to fight COVID-19 propagation

COVIR is the exclusive partner of for the funding of robotic disinfection systems international licences based on tezos blockchain. is powered by Pagest.environnement SA registered in Geneva Switzerland. Pagest.environnement SA was founded in 2000 ; K : 260 000 CHF and is active since. It is involved in sustainable development projects, environment, green energy and biosecurity . President Jacques Point graduated from UNI Geneva and operated in green blockchain projects for many years.


🔹The token name is “COVIR”. The symbol of the token is “CVR”.
🔹The maximum number of tokens to be minted over time is 400M CVR. Min. 120M (30%) will be available for sale and the other 280M might be used to grant greenshoe option for extra sales and various operations e.g. marketing, rewards, bounty campaign…
🔹The token SmartContract automatized the conversion is the following : Licences write = $80M, Token Split = 400M CVR = $0,20 CVR/UNIT will be automatically splitted between 75% Octopus Robots, 10% Operationals Costs, 10% Team & Advisors, 5% Reserve/Security Fun
🔹The tokens available for sale will be minted directly after each sale, increasing the circulating supply. The other half can only be minted by Covir overtime.
🔹Airdrop operations can be carried out depending on the evolution and results of Covir. Example : Airdrop for all CVR Holders and/or XTZ Holders
🔹CVR Token contract manages the XTZ royalties dispatch to all CVR holders accordingly. The dispatch consists of redistributing regularly (~2–3 months) the XTZ generated from licence sales and the corresponding royalties.


🔹Total valuation of the world licenses portfolio $ 160 Million
🔹Potential Royalties ≈ $ 40 Million / year
🔹The sale will be opened for 17-year i.e. sliding life of the patent or until the whole portfolio being sold
🔹Creation of a printing capacity for 400,000,000 CVR.
🔹The remaining 50% is an issue and sales reserve in order to supply the market until the contract is sold out and for a maximum of 17 years (Patent expires — Patent overwrite)
/!\ Please note that Covir does not hold any Token until printed from sales


OCTOPUS BIOSAFETY robot is designed to decontaminate equipment and large buildings such as food storage facilities and food processing plants, airport terminals, shopping malls and any other public buildings. A mobile, intelligent, fully autonomous and modular robot. It recharges itself and can be operated 24/7.

OCTOPUS BIOSAFETY efficiently treats very large volume environments. It can treat oversized premises compared with existing aerosol delivery systems. It is a viable solution to fight Covid-19 by decontaminating public places. More at


🔹Versatility. Our robots are all equipped with a common multipurpose base.
🔹Intelligence. Our guidance technology is inspired by autonomous vehicles.
🔹Performance. Our biosecurity robots outperform all competing _solutions consisting of fixed installations.
🔹Communication and traceability. A Wifi interface provides real-time monitoring of the various operating parameters.
🔹Autonomy. Our robots move by themselves and are powered by a long-lasting battery.
🔹Security. Our robots guarantee a maximum level of performance and safety.


Octopusrobots, a company listed on the stock exchange on Access, filed a patent on February 7, 2017 PCT / FR2017 / 050277 (valid for 20 years i.e. 2037) and is developing a technology for air disinfection (spray) of spaces and surfaces potentially contaminated by viruses e.g. Covid-19, or bacteria.

In partnership with COVIR.IO operational pre-financing vehicle, Octopusrobots launches the pre-financing of its global portfolio of potential licenses by tokenizing its licensing rights on the tezos blockchain. The solution is up and running since 2015. Octopus robots are already 20 years old.


The digitalization of license fees, therefore of intangible assets, enabled by tokenization will allow better liquidity, mutualisation and greater openness of countries or geographic areas under negotiation. It will allow better efficiency enabled by technology, smart contracts which will automate the payment of royalties. TOKENIZING OCTOPUS BIOSAFETY ROBOT LICENSING RIGHTS ON TEZOS BLOCKCHAIN.

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Covir is the exclusive partner of for the funding of international licences robotic disinfection systems based on tezos blockchain