Covir Launched 800,000$ Bounty | Opportunity to Earn

3 min readMay 19, 2020


In a blockchain project, there are many ways to get its coin/token. Peoples buy them because they know the future value of it. Some project launches bounty/airdrop etc from which peoples can get coin/tokens for free at the same time investors buy it. Anyone don,t want to miss an opportunity like this of a promising project. Covir is a new promising project based on tezos blockchain that finally has launched its bounty campaign of 800,000$ in CVR. Covir bounty campaign will bring new opportunities for peoples to earn with Covir. Covir is the exclusive partner of for the funding of robotic disinfection systems international licenses based on tezos blockchain. It is a genuine project that why It will worth to participate in the bounty.

Bounty Details

Covir bounty is running on its Bitcointalk thread.
Bitcoin thread link →
It worth 4,000,000 Covir equal to 800,000$.
The amount is divided as follow:
15% Twitter — 10% Facebook — 10% Article — 10% Video — 10% Telegram — 20% Linkedin — 15% Reddit — 10% Signature

You can pick your comfortable task or follow many at the same time. Rules and tasks are listed in Bitcointalk and also the process will be monitored in the thread. For each task you will receive stacks. You can earn as many you want. This is the opportunity for peoples to participate and get their share in a promising project.

Bounty Benenfits

Bounty is benifical for both community and the company. The Covir bounty will help to spread the words. That will increase the popularity of it thus more marketing and investors. This lead to high market value of Covir that will help the Covir and also the investors. The peoples will earn CVR from the bounty and because of the increased market volume they can easily sale their tokens. Go participate in the Covir Bounty and benefit both you and the Covir

Why Covir is a Promising Project

Covir aims is the funding of biosafety robots through tokenization, For this purpose Covir partnered with Covir has recently partnered with Octopus Robots ( A medical robot manufactures). Covir is the exclusive partner of . Octopus Robots are manufacturing robots since 1987. An innovative team is behind Octopus Robots and Covir. In partnership with COVIR.IO, operational pre -financing vehicle, Octopus Robots launches the pre-financing of its global portfolio of potential licenses by TOKENIZING ITS LICENSING RIGHTS ON THE TEZOS BLOCKCHAIN. The digitalization of License’s rights, intangible assets, thanks to the tokenization, will allow a better liquidity, pooling and opening to all the countries or geographical area. The blockchain technology helps to gain efficiency, thanks to COVIR.IO smart contract automating the sale of the token and the distribution of the royalties. Covir aims to disinfection Corona Virus in public and other places through Octopus Disinfection Robots.

Covir Pre-Sale

If you want to get more token you can participate in Covir Pre-sale. You can get early token before it gets into exchanges

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Covir is the exclusive partner of for the funding of international licences robotic disinfection systems based on tezos blockchain