COVIR (CVR) IEO on Bitforex is coming

5 min readJul 6, 2020

Covir Next Step: IEO on Bitforex

Blockchain technology is set to play a major role in the present world due to its benefits if duly implemented for specific purposes. At the moment blockchain is witnessing a 2000 “dot com” like bubble with blockchain projects springing up at an alarming rate. Many projects are based on mere specification with transaction speed and algorithms mechanisms being the driving factors to “woo” the public or investors towards taking a liking or investing in such projects.

Several blockchain based project that seems to be thriving and driving mass adoption towards such projects seems to be those who have the magic wand known as “use-case” The golden questions that always needed to be answered remains unchanged; “what can a project do, how does it benefits the world, what is the problem it will be able to solve.” Answering this question puts a project in the driving seat towards being warmed up to by investors and the world alike.

Covir, backed by Octopus Robots biosafety and decontamination robots ticked all the boxes when it comes to relevance of a project, its purposes, Partnership made, real life traceability to a product. This leads us to the question below:


Covir is the exclusive partner of for the funding of robotic disinfection systems international licences based on tezos blockchain, this partnership with Octopus Robots who specializes in the creation and production of robot(s) designed to decontaminate equipment and large buildings such as food storage facilities and food processing plants, airport terminals, shopping malls and any other public buildings.


Covir aims to utilize biosafety equipment in form of robots built by its principal partner, Octopus robots to decontaminate large building such as shopping malls, hotels, airport terminals, hospitals and food processing plants e.t.c thereby ensuring a safe and sound environment which effect became more visible during the outbreak of the now dreaded coronavirus disease (Covid-19) which has now accelerated the need for biosafety equipment in order to drastically halt the progress of the pandemic.

By utilizing this robotics equipment, covir will be able to not only provide a safe environment for all but will also be able to protect human lives since the robots are highly self efficient without the need for humans to be actively present during the decontamination of a place.

In 2015, thanks to its expertise in electronics, automotive, artificial vision, Octopus Robots pioneered the development of a line of innovative robots including a line of “sanitary robots” intended to efficiently decontaminate extensive buildings such as livestock buildings, large food warehouses but also airports and shopping malls. Octopus Robots is also developing robots to monitor sensitive sites where protection is a top priority.

With the outbreak of coronary virus which has led to the need for a solution in order to avoid the worst case scenario has left covir with the pertinent need to deliver results.

Due to the recent pandemic, Robots of Octopus saw a huge demand all over the world, but due to the unavailability of funds and the incapability to produce for that demand, Octopus Team decided to create Covir to meet it’s future plans and development.

To achieve this, covir has employed the use of blockchain technology due to its numerous advantages with the aim being able access human beings from all parts of the world. This has led to the need of an IEO in order to raise more funds needed to scale the project towards delivering on its major goals.


To understand this question, one needs to understand what an IEO stands for and the purpose of an IEO. An IEO is the short form of Initial Exchange offering which is an advancement to its predecessors (ICO), The equivalents of an IPO (Initial Public offering)

IEO is the term used by projects in the blockchain/cryptocurrency world to raise needed forms on an accredited, credible exchange which guarantees safety of funds of investors. Funds raised during an IEO is used to further develop the project’s products and services as specified in the Whitepaper or roadmap.


For an exchange to be able to deliver a successful IEO, it must be a renowned exchange, Safe and secure, credible, have real time investors and traders on the exchange, efficient in marketing e.t.c. Ranked in the top 100 crypto exchange in the world by CoinMarketCap (CMC) the number one cryptocurrency rating platform in the world, with its last IEO seeing an investment around $750,000.00, Bitforex ticked all boxes as the right platform to lead covir IEO.


By investing in Covir, investors are sure of backing the right project due to the fact that Covir is not just another blockchain project without a direction or use-case. Covir already has a huge partnership with Robotic giant manufacturing company, Octopus robots which was founded in 1987, renowned for the manufacturing and marketing of mobile, autonomous, intelligent and modulat robots which are devoted to specific tasks one would not expect to be performed by robots. This visible working product is an advantage when investing in blockchain projects.

Investors would not only expect monetary return on investments, their funds will help to bring a safe environment to everyone and this process is a continuous one as there will always be need for the deployment of these robots to all parts of the world to help combat the spread of disease, ensure the safety of humanity. With investors funds, octopus to robots will be able to manufacture and distribute more of this biosafety robots for the present and future purpose of the world.


  • Direct Royalties to investors: Covir’s financial support will support their development and production and once again generate royalties.
  • CVR price variation: As the demand for biosafety robots continues to rise, the price of CVR will tend increase thereby giving early investors good return on investment (ROI)
  • Benefits of the utility token, that will allow you to get discounts on Biosafety products and other rewards and benefits.


TOTAL SUPPLY: 400,000,000
IEO PLATFORM: Bitforex Exchange
IEO PRICE: $0,20
Round 1 : 2020/07/31 17:00 (GMT+8) — 2020/08/07 17:00 (GMT+8)
Round 2 : 2020/08/10 17:00 (GMT+8) — 2020/08/14 17:00 (GMT+8)
Bonus (based on the subscription amount):

  • 15% CVR bonus for top 50 buyers (for both rounds)
  • 10% CVR bonus for all rest subscribers (for both rounds)
  • Bonus will be distributed in 7 business days after the end of Subscription by BitForex


BITFOREX Announcement :




Covir is the exclusive partner of for the funding of international licences robotic disinfection systems based on tezos blockchain