❗️Dear Covir Investors and Crypto community, ❗️

3 min readSep 22, 2021


I wanted to address you directly as the owner and developer in charge of the Covir Token to explain events of the past two days.

First and foremost, the Covir project will continue, however I wanted to provide a full overview of our background, it’s history, it’s current status and provide my apology, along with the planned next steps.

Company background

Octopus Robots, a company listed on the stock exchange, has developed a technology for air disinfection (spray) of spaces and surfaces potentially contaminated by viruses e.g. Covid-19, or bacteria. Octopus robots required a partner to pre-finance its global portfolio of potential licenses.
Octopus Robots partnered with COVIR.IO — a company already operating in the centralized world (CEX) and as part of our preparation to partnership with Octopus Robots we re-launched into decentralized finance, with a new and exciting roadmap, providing real world utility within a decentralised environment.

Octopus Robots will pre-finance its global portfolio of licenses by tokenising its licencing rights on the Ethereum Blockchain through Covir.io.

Statement of events
- Aug 31st. We set up our TG page
- Sept 1st. Planning of the launch with support from FTP went smoothly. The Covir core TG team were created and worked hard in the days following our collaboration to ensure communication and clarity for it’s shareholders.
- Sept 19th. Approx. 200 holders of the centralised Covir company were allocated their tokens at a ratio of 1:1. These cumulatively totalled less than 5% of the token supply and were purchased by Covir’s management direct from Uniswap — the entire supply was injected into liquidity.
- Sept 19th prelaunch. The Covir smart contract was created on Uniswap with the support and help of FTP (FairTokenProject). This was my first Uniswap launch.
- Sept 19th launch. I added the Wallet COVIR DEPLOYER on the team whitelist and immediately saw that swap function was available and assumed that the token was live. I later realised these were just whitelist members (Note no team tokens were airdropped — these were all personal purchases). It was not until moments later we realised the possibility to buy by the public could not commence until ‘Open Trading Function’ was selected. Thus the general public were unable at that time to buy. We immediately turned this function on and once the public realised there had been pre-purchases, a cascade of sales occurred, which tumbled out of control.
I can assure you the management team in charge of the project have not sold a single token and we maintain our positions, with no ambition to sell our assets.

I am a Doxxed developer and take my responsibility for this project and its next steps very seriously. I would like to apologies for the errors made at launch, and for the poor level of communication over the 48 hours after launch — I paused the TG chat very upset at my mistake after over 1 years and 9 months working on Covir.io. The members of the whitelist are not responsible for this token price, the FTP team is not held responsible either.

Together with my stakeholders, we have now regrouped and are planning to continue these next steps.

1) Total visibility moving forward. We will be establishing new admin and moderators to ensure clear communication. I will also ensure I am available in chat as much as possible.
2) Coingecko & CoinMarketCap Listing updates
3) Development between Covir and Octopus robots, linking the two companies to effectively enable the licensing rights and royalties. Once setup, Octopus Robots sales will provide royalties to Covir which will be redistributed in CVR, increasing the token price without the need for token holder purchases.
4) Increase our popularity / notoriety across the world most especially in the Asian market which represents a significant share of the disinfection market. Marketing will resume.
5) Request and Zendesk implementation
6) Updates, develop voting system, marketing, AMA (Chat and / or Live Camera), and an explosive launch of the Covir SHOP which will list several partners and their products whose CVR holders will have an advantage.

The version 1.6 of the roadmap for the coming year will be deployed at the end of this year.

The statement is subject to be modified as needed.

It is my firm belief that we can move past this and push towards the stars, I do hope you will continue this journey with us.





Covir is the exclusive partner of www.octopusrobots.com for the funding of international licences robotic disinfection systems based on tezos blockchain