Hello everyone,

In order to keep the community up to date in our development, and to avoid any ambiguity, and especially to reassure our current investors and users and all those who join the boat as we go along, here is an informative statement.

As you know, new developers joined the team at the end of 2020 and together we are able to pursue a very specific development but also to implement new functionalities.

As we announced last October, the Smart Contract ERC-20 is online and functional, allowing us to tour Covir on the Blockchain Ethereum. …

We are happy to announce that from Tezos Blockchain we are now migrating to ETH blockchain adapting DeFi technology.

First of all, we would like to thanks our investors and community who are undyingly supports us throughout this project, without you people we would have the courage to continue moving on from our setbacks. Expect that with our new platform, we will innovate this project for the benefit of everyone, we are still expecting for your understanding and support.

A lot of new features will be catered to all, such as Staking Program and many more. …

Winners of Cleaning Bot Challenge and strengthens its technological advance in the mobility of disinfection blocks VIRUGUN BIOSAFETY

Octopus Robots is proud to congratulate Fybots for their determination and incredible progress throughout this world competition. Through multiple presentations in front of more than 380 robotics companies around the world.

The implementation of the DSVA (Surface Disinfection by Air) technology Octopus Robots BIOSAFETY in an autonomous mobile platform of this level prove the world the true value of this association competences of two French companies.

The disinfection solutions proposed by Octopus Robots will cover the treatment against bacteria…

In line with the ongoing presale of CVR and the upcoming IEO on Bitforex Exchange, Covir team is using this medium to relay strategic measures to ensure that all pre-sale and IEO participants will get value on their investment.

While we are committed to continue towards delivering on the business end of the project, which includes the receipt and deployment/Production of more biosafety robots from our main partner, Octopus Robots, marketing, publicity and awareness program to show the world why it is essential to decontaminate the environment for the safety of everyone. …

Covir Next Step: IEO on Bitforex

Blockchain technology is set to play a major role in the present world due to its benefits if duly implemented for specific purposes. At the moment blockchain is witnessing a 2000 “dot com” like bubble with blockchain projects springing up at an alarming rate. Many projects are based on mere specification with transaction speed and algorithms mechanisms being the driving factors to “woo” the public or investors towards taking a liking or investing in such projects.

Several blockchain based project that seems to be thriving and driving mass adoption towards such projects seems to…

The Royalties operating system between Octopus Robots & Covir

For several years now, Octopus Robots had filed two patents on a system for disinfecting bacteria and viruses in air (DSVA Technology), this disinfection system is effective, approved and very energy-efficient.

As a result, Octopus Robots solds more and more dispensers and robots all over the world (with a strong increase in recent times due to the major events of COVID-19). Octopus Robots invoices 10% of its turnover in ROYALTIES to its customers.

For over 5 years, Octopus Robots has developed a very specific and technological market, thanks to its founder Olivier Somville together with his team, Octopus Robots has…

In a blockchain project, there are many ways to get its coin/token. Peoples buy them because they know the future value of it. Some project launches bounty/airdrop etc from which peoples can get coin/tokens for free at the same time investors buy it. Anyone don,t want to miss an opportunity like this of a promising project. Covir is a new promising project based on tezos blockchain that finally has launched its bounty campaign of 800,000$ in CVR. Covir bounty campaign will bring new opportunities for peoples to earn with Covir. Covir is the exclusive partner of www.octopusrobots.com for the funding…

Robotic disinfection systems to fight COVID-19 propagation

COVIR is the exclusive partner of www.octopusrobots.com for the funding of robotic disinfection systems international licences based on tezos blockchain.

Covir.io is powered by Pagest.environnement SA registered in Geneva Switzerland. Pagest.environnement SA was founded in 2000 ; K : 260 000 CHF and is active since. It is involved in sustainable development projects, environment, green energy and biosecurity . President Jacques Point graduated from UNI Geneva and operated in green blockchain projects for many years.


🔹The token name is “COVIR”. The symbol of the token is “CVR”.
🔹The maximum number of tokens…

Covir is the exclusive partner of www.octopusrobots.com for the funding of robotic disinfection systems international licences based on tezos blockchain

Covir has recently partnered with Octopus Robots in the funding of biosafety robots through Tezos blockchain. Octopus Robots was founded in 1987 and is involved in the design of robots to perform complex tasks. Covir aims to raise money to fund the development of biosafety robots through token sales with the help of blockchain technology.

Why the choice of blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is not a new term; experts predicted blockchain technology had a little chance to survive on introduction…


Covir is the exclusive partner of www.octopusrobots.com for the funding of international licences robotic disinfection systems based on tezos blockchain

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